If you are not pleased with the performance of your engine after many years of use the best route to go is have her rebuild completely. We found only partial changes were relatively costly and didn't really help.

Vere Lancia knows the rebuild of a standard engine to it's original specs is almost as time consuming as doing a normal tuning. Ofcourse, getting the last horses out will take some extra hours but they are well worth the effort.

With the prices of standard parts being at the same level as newly produced ones it is obvious rebuilding a standard engine is almost as costly as building a tuned one. That's why almost all of our clients decide to go for the max.

Because of the differences in construction between the engines with a casted iron cylinder block and those that have steel sleeves in their aluminum outside there are extra cost involved curing corrosion in the Aurelia, Flaminia and Flavia engines. All other like the Ardea, Appia, and Fulvia blocks can be rebored easily to surprising over sizes.

Pushrod engines with centrally located camshafts like the V6es and the Appia and Flavia's. cannot be tuned to the relative levels one can achieve with the overhead operated rockers. The direct contact between the rockers and the cams allow stronger forces.



We do give you a very detailed insight in whatever steps we take when we rebuild your engine. What parts we use and why. But to build you the engine you need on your trips or in the events you join we need your input: are you an experienced racer in FIA controlled events or is the hill climb merely a holiday drive through the alps? Do you want Hp or Nm?

Most Vere Lancia tuned engines can be serviced like a standard unit. But the highest tuned and frequently raced ones need a more thorough check up now and then. We have not seen any serious wear in any of our engines but we advise you to have a great mechanic at hand. Or send her back to us just to be sure.


IN Blue - Tuned by Vere Lancia

Output curves of a 818.302/3 engine

with 1604 cc for hillclimb use

136,9Hp@5183rpm / 201,8Nm@4246rpm


IN RED - As build by Lancia

Output curves Of a 818.540 Lancia engine

Fanalone type - 1584 cc as taken from

Lancia Technical Data 01/0510

115Hp@6000rpm / 156Nm@4500rpm