All roadgoing Lancias of the pre 1969 era had engines designed to cope with the fuel quality then available and to run over relatively short distances between oil changes. With the higher octane fuels and everlasting synthetic oils that were developed since we can now raise the compression ratio of the engines to create a higher output. Both in Hp and Nm.

As a result, my client's Ardea with it's standard 28,8hp engine of 903 cc had a top speed of 108 km/h if the weather wasn't to bad and the road went downhill. After our rebuild it now produces 40hp and can easily be driven on the highway to a max of 140kmh. Meaning: He can join the modern traffic and surpass the Lorries.

To give you another example: Many of our clients run - or better race - their 1,3 Fulvia's now with our redesigned 1604 cc units with over 140Hp. So do not be surprised if your Fanalone is overtaken by a elder Coupé that looks under the bonnet like nothing has changed.

So, if you want to speed up and enjoy your Lancia to the max you will find some interesting offers on the next pages. There are ready-to-race engines, partial rebuilds and special parts.